Sessions Appoints Huber FBI Misconduct

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U.S. Attorney John Huber

Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Utah’s top federal prosecutor will investigate allegations of misconduct atop the Justice Department and FBI. John Huber, is the lead U.S. Attorney and top federal law enforcement officer in Utah, having served for two years under former President Obama and reappointed by Sessions last spring. According to Sessions, Huber has already been looking into allegations that the DOJ and FBI acted improperly in how a warrant to monitor former Trump campaign aide Carter Page was obtained, as well as the Uranium One-Hillary Clinton scandal.

U.S. Attorney John Huber

U.S. Attorney John Huber

John W. Huber has served as the United States Attorney and lead federal law enforcement official in Utah since June 2015. He served for almost two years as a presidentially appointed U.S. Attorney during the Obama Administration. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed Mr. Huber to continue his service as the U.S Attorney in Utah in March 2017. In August 2017, the United States Senate unanimously confirmed President Donald J. Trump’s appointment of Mr. Huber to serve an additional four years as United States Attorney.

In a letter to top Republican lawmakers who have been vocal in their accusations of abuse of powers, Sessions said he saw no cause to appoint a special counsel to investigate.

More Hillary Clinton Lost emails unearthed

The findings include a Feb. 13, 2009, exchange between Clinton and her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, in which Mills conveys to Clinton that the National Security Agency is not pleased with her request for a more secure, personalized BlackBerry. Clinton sought the device to circumvent normal security protocols for accessing classified information.

Clinton has maintained that she did not use the personal email account before March 2009, months after she was sworn in to lead the State Department. At that time, Clinton has said, she used a account associated with her tenure in the Senate and has refused to hand over the contents of that account.

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