Rosemary Collyer Blasts FISA Court

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Rosemary Collyer Blasts FISA Court

Rosemary Collyer Blasts FISA Court

Rosemary Collyer Blasts FISA Court

Spying on the Trump campaign may have begun as early as 2016 or perhaps even sooner by private F.B.I. contractors. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court revealed illegal activity in this partially redacted and now declassified 99 page memo. It was issued by the F.I.S.A Court Judge Rosemary Collyer.

Former U.S. attorney, Joseph DiGenova

The F.B.I.’s private contractors were accessing data collected by the NSA the National Security Agency

One of the biggest heroes in this entire story is Admiral Mike Rogers. He knows how valuable his agency data collection is for National Security. He is also well aware of civil liberties concerns and the need to adhere to the law to protect the privacy rights of Americans. In April, 2016 he has an “Ut, Oh!” moment.

Admiral Rogers explained the process the Congress.

F.B.I. Contractors Tied To Fusion GPS

Fusion GPS wrote the fictitious Trump Russia dossier that was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic party. At this point, the court is unaware of the political connections or the 702 abuses that occurred.

Admiral Rogers informed the court he had a compliance issue here. F.I.S.A. Court Judge Rosemary Collyer reveals on page four of her order that there’s been significant noncompliance with the N.S.A. minimization procedures involving queries of data acquired under section 702 using U.S. person identifiers. Translation, the names of Americans were revealed when by law they should have been kept secret. All the legal actions were a revelation to Judge Collyer who said, “The full scope of noncompliance practices had not been previously disclosed to the court.”

Judge List Even More Abuses

  1. Page 83 of the F.I.S.A. Court document states FBI disclosed raw F.I.S.A. information including section 702 acquired information to private contractors.
  2. Page 84 states certain contractors had access to raw F.I.S.A. information beyond what was necessary to respond the FBI requests.
  3. Page 85 states access continued even after the contractors had completed thier work.
  4. Page 87 of Judge Collyer memo reveals a distrust of the FBI it reads the Court is concerned about the FBI’s apparent disregard of minimization procedures. Another interesting item on page 87, a footnote that reads, “The improper access granted to the contractors seems deliberate.”


People don’t realize that this is already on the public record. They blanked out the names of the contractors and the names of the FBI and DOJ officials who broke the law. That this is gonna come out. That’s what Representative Devon Nunez,chairman of the house intelligence committee. He has all the information now. He knows what’s in these Blanks. Once you start doing oversight, Constitutional oversight, by Congress. We will know shortly which private contractors were allowed to break the law by the end. Paraphrase Joseph DiGenova.



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