One Dehydrator Trick Can Save Thousands

Butternut Squash and Canned Diced Tomatoes Dehydrator Trick

Dehydrator Trick

This One Dehydrator Trick Can Save Thousands Of Dollars. Ever have your food stuck to parchment paper or wax paper after dehydrating?

Do these steps.

  1. Remove tray from dehydrator.
  2. Place wax or parchment paper with food on it in the Freezer for about one hour.
  3. Place wax or parchment paper with food on it in the microwave for about 15 seconds.
  4. Simply peel food away from paper!
  5. Eat or prepare for storage.

This trick was learned after several hours of trial and error but know I have it down to an art. More Then 15 seconds in the microwave burns the food. 10 seconds may or may not work. I so far have done Butternut squash and canned diced tomatoes with very little food loss. It does take some patience and practice but you will get faster. I am down to just a few minutes per sheet depending on the food. The tomatoes took a little longer but again, I had very little waste.

I have also tried putting parchment paper on an empty tray underneath the food to catch the food as it falls through the tray above it. That just seems like a waste of space. Also, When preparing your food keep all the odds and ends like banana peels and carrot peelings in a compost and save it. Once you have a good amount, chop it up in really small pieces using a food blender. Then dehydrate it on high for several hours, the longer the better, until it is really crisp. Gather it all together an grind it into a fine powder. Use that powder as a fertilizer on your plants and garden!


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