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The India Connection?

Christopher Wylie

Christopher Wylie

Christopher Wylie is the whistleblower behind the Facebook data scandal. His company may have influenced the result of elections around the world. Including on going elections. He appeared in front of U.K. lawmakers on Tuesday. Explosive reports last week claim that a quiz app harvested 50 million Facebook profiles for data which were then sent over to Cambridge Analytica. Wylie was the man who revealed to the New York Times and U.K.’s Observer newspaper the practices of Camrbidge Analytica and the data harvesting that took place. On 27 March 2018, Wylie gave evidence to the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee which contained further revelations about the practices at Cambridge Analytica and its associated companies.

Did he inadvertently connect the dots on the very strange and developing relationship between the Democrat party and the Muslim Brotherhood? Wylie was testifying about his work for Cambridge Analytica. While testifying, he revealed his predecessor was found dead in a hotel room in Kenya. His predecessor Dan Mursean died mysteriously in Kenyan hotel room in 2012 working for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s re-election campaign. Dan Muresan is the son of former Romanian Agriculture Minister Avram Muresan, who is now in prison for corruption charges. Dan Muresan studied at the LSE in London and had coordinated election campaigns in Europe, Africa and the US. But apparently he was really paid for by an Indian billionaire. Why does that matter?

Who was in India Recently?

None Other then the Queen herself Hillary Clinton.

In between trips falling down stairs, who might she have been in contact with? Hillary doesn’t go anywhere unless there is a dime in it for her. And who else was in India recently? The Queen of Canada, JustinTrudeau. In between dancing around in native dress, who knows what he was really up to. At around the same time guess who else made a trip to India? Yep, Barrack Obama! All part of that NWO clan.

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