Easy Garlic Grown At Home

Easy Garlic

Easy Garlic is something that anyone can grow!

Prepare the garlic

  1. Starting with a clove break the bulb out into individual cloves.
  2. Peel the light skin away from each bulb.
  3. You should have a sharp point at one end. That is the top.
  4. The flat bottom is the root. Cut the very edge off with a sharp knife.
chop peel garlic

chop peel garlic

Prepare The Planting Pot

  1. Fill your planting pot with about two to four inches of planting soil.
  2. Garlic does not grow very deep.
Fill Pot With 2 Inches Of Dirt

Fill Pot With 2 Inches Of Dirt

Time To Plant

  1. In southern areas, February or March is a better time to plant.
  2. Place the garlic pointy side up with the flat side, root, down in the dirt.
  3. Leave a few inches between bulbs.
  4. Pour more top soil over the bulbs so they are covered about two inches in dirt.
plant garlic

plant garlic

Final Step

  1. Water your easy garlic about once every day.
  2. It’s o.k. the skip a day.
  3. I am using moisture retention top soil which is common at most gardening centers.
  4. DO NOT BUY expensive top soil or planting soil. This is garlic we are talking about. Not some rare plant.
Water Garlic

Water Garlic

Once the garlic leaves start to yellow and the plump garlic bulbs start to push their way above the soil level, it’s time to harvest.

Proper handling of easy garlic after it’s been picked is almost as important as looking after it whilst it’s growing. It’s essential that garlic is dried properly, otherwise it will rot. The bulbs are often hung up in a cool, dry place. After a week or so, take them down and brush the dirt off gently – don’t wash the bulbs at this stage.

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