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Food Sealer Bag
March 8th, 2018 by Master

One Food Sealer Bag Trick

Food Sealer Bag are expensive. You can spend thousands of dollars on food sealer bags and I hate wasting bags that I cut too long or too short. So, Here is the perfect solution.

Step 1

  • Unroll a few inches of the roll and add your food to be sealed.
  • Don’t worry if you unroll to much bag.

The Perfect Seal

Step 2

  • Double seal the open end of the roll.
Double Seal Open End

Double Seal Open End

Step 3

  • Now hold up bag and find the perfect length!
Hold Bag Up And Find Perfect Length!

Hold Bag Up And Find Perfect Length!

  • Cut the bag at desired length
  • Be sure to leave enough length so the bag will fit in the vacuum sealer.

Step 4

  • Place bag in vacuum sealer and double seal.
  • Don’t forget to label and date the bag!
Food Sealer Bag

Food Sealer Bag

This solution just came to me one morning after I was getting ready to buy more bags after running out. I wish that I would have thought of this earlier. Be sure to check out my dehydrated meal recipes CLICK HERE! I have really awesome YouTube video’s CLICK HERE! I am also a fan of Kodi and have several how to video’s on Kodi and advanced computer troubleshooting and various computer topics.


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One Food Sealer Trick Can Save Thousands
February 27th, 2018 by Master

One Food Sealer Trick Can Save Thousands

The one problem I keep running into is any food with sharp edges poking through my food sealer bags. It causes the bag to leak and loose it’s seal. The following cause the most problems.


  1. Noodles
  2. Jerky
  3. Pineapple
  4. Banana’s in the peel
  5. Anything With An Edge!

So, My solution is quite simple. I take a used fast food bag or even an index card or sheet of paper and line the bag. Be sure to put the date and item contents on the index card facing out! I usually include my own best by date or expiration date. Sometimes it is best to use a paper towel at the top of the bag if I am sealing raw meat to help suck up any liquids during the vacuum process. If the food is going to be stored for a long time then go ahead and take the time to double seal both ends for extra protection.

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